Are you ready to take the challenge? In anticipation of the upcoming sci-fi comedy The World's End, fans are invited to participate in the virtual Golden Mile Pub Crawl throughout Newton Haven, which will culminate in Hall H, Friday July 19 as Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost make their way to Comic-Con 2013 to say good-bye to their Blood and Ice Cream trilogy with this final installment. Be sure to follow @TheGoldenMileCC, which will lead you to trading cards for all 12 Golden Mile Pubs. Obtaining them will give you access to an early screening while in San Diego. To celebrate the festivities, 12 sites are releasing one Pub Sign poster everyday at noon. We have a look at the last four, which includes stops 2 through 5 on the mile. Joblo has our look at The Old Familiar, Screen Crush takes us to the Famous Cock, Crave Online brings us to The Cross Hands, and /film ends today's journey at The Good Companions. Thirsty yet? We're almost halfway there!

<strong><em>The World's End</em></strong> Pub Sign Poster 2

<strong><em>The World's End</em></strong> Pub Sign Poster 3

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<strong><em>The World's End</em></strong> Pub Sign Poster 4

<strong><em>The World's End</em></strong> Pub Sign Poster 5

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