Tune in to Starz this October for the fourth annual Fear Fest, a creepy collection of spine-tingling movies kicking off with the world television premiere of the Starz Inside original special Bloodsucking Cinema. Bloodsucking Cinema premieres on Starz Friday, October 26 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) and is followed by a 24-hour marathon of spooky films including Underworld: Evolution, Dawn of the Dead, Silent Hill and more. Come back Halloween night for a triple-feature headlined by Bloodsucking Cinema.

Bloodsucking Cinema explores vampire films and their enduring hypnotic hold on audiences worldwide. Films featured in the special include Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, The Lost Boys, Blade, Van Helsing and Underworld. Bloodsucking Cinema features interviews with directors John Carpenter (Vampires), Len Wiseman (Underworld, Underworld: Evolution), John Landis (Innocent Blood) and Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys), actors Kristanna Loken (BloodRayne), Stuart Townsend (Queen of the Damned), and critics Leonard Maltin and Harry Knowles (Ain't It Cool News). Starz Inside is a new monthly series of original specials from Starz hosted by film critic Richard Roeper.

Fear Fest Schedule (all times are ET/PT):

Friday, October 26

-- 8 p.m. - Bloodsucking Cinema

-- 9 p.m. - Underworld: Evolution

-- 10:50 p.m. - Dawn of the Dead

Saturday, October 27

-- 12:35 a.m. - From Dusk Till Dawn

-- 2:30 a.m. - Blade

-- 4:35 a.m. - Bloodsucking Cinema

-- 5:40 a.m. - Scream

-- 7:35 a.m. - Silent Hill

-- 9:45 a.m. - Stay Alive

-- 11:15 a.m. - Blade

-- 1:20 p.m. - Bloodsucking Cinema

-- 2:30 p.m. - Pulse

-- 4 p.m. - When a Stranger Calls

-- 5:30 p.m. - The Covenant

-- 7:10 p.m. - The Grudge 2

Wednesday, October 31

-- 7:10 p.m. - Underworld: Evolution

-- 9 p.m. - Bloodsucking Cinema

-- 10:05 p.m. - The Grudge 2

Fear Fest runs throughout the entire month of October on Starz On Demand.