Some fans are /super-8-mystery-solved/speculating that the mysterious creature in J.J. Abrams' ode-to-Amblin thriller Super 8 is a direct descendant of The Blob. Others truly believe that Super 8 is a prequel to Cloverfield, which will chronicle the origins of that previous movie's towering Godzilla-like monster. What the recently /super-8-mystery-solved/discovered viral site super8-movie seems to prove is that, whatever this thing is, it was created in a lab.

Instead of giving us any real information to play with, J.J. Abrams is slowly doling out twelve second clips with jagged bits of dialogue attached to them. Its all one giant puzzle, and this is another miniscule piece. Today, the fourth viral clip has arrived, featuring more black and white footage from the science lab that is suspected to have created the monstrosity of Super 8. We hear the dialogue, "The subject's most likely natural..." And we see a scientist pushing what looks to be a cart full of meat that includes part of a pig carcass and a slab of ribs.

What does this most likely mean? That the creature is, in fact, a carnivore? You can check out the very short, inconclusive clip below.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange