According to Variety, in a deal worth upwards of $1 million, Fox 2000 has bought screen rights to "Into the Light," a book Robert Kurson is writing about Michael May, a man who was blind since childhood but had the chance to regain his sight thanks to advancements in stem cell surgery. Gil Netter and Kathy Lingg will produce.

Kurson won't be done with his book for Random House until next year, but Hollywood got a taste of the story when the author wrote about May's unlikely tale in the current issue of Esquire. May's life rights come as part of the deal.

May, blinded in a childhood accident, was reluctant to take advantage of medical breakthroughs and regain his sight. He had good reason: The happily married father of two boys had become the ultimate overachieving blind person. He was CEO of a company that developed a global positioning unit for the blind, had been the first blind CIA analyst and held the world speed record in downhill skiing for a blind person at 65mph. May understandably feared his happy life could be upended by the introduction of sight in his mid-50s.

After a successful operation, May had much to overcome in acclimating to his new world.