Jane Kaczmarek and Adam Arkin will star in ABC's comedy pilot Who Gets the Parents?, joining Andrew West and Derek Richardson in the multicamera project, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Comedy veteran Leah Remini also is returning to TV as a lead in ABC's comedy pilot It Takes a Village.

Meanwhile, Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek and Ian Anthony Dale have been cast in NBC's drama pilot The Event; Ben Koldyke has landed the lead in NBC's comedy pilot This Little Piggy; Romany Malco has boarded the ABC drama pilot No Ordinary Family; Wayne Knight has joined Ant Hines' comedy presentation for CBS; Olivia Munn has been tapped for NBC's comedy pilot Perfect Couples; D.J. Cotrona has landed ABC's drama pilot 187 Detroit; and Julian Morris, Daniella Alonso and Kelli Garner have been added to ABC's drama pilot Generation Y.

In other pilot castings, Kaitlin Doubleday has landed a lead in Fox's comedy pilot Most Likely to Succeed, Taran Killam has been added to the cast of ABC's comedy Freshmen and Malcolm Goodwin has joined Fox's drama pilot Breakout Kings.

Who Gets the Parents? revolves around a couple (Kaczmarek, Arkin), who, after 30 years of marriage, are getting a divorce and take on more active roles in the lives of their three adult children.

West will play the supersmart youngest child, and Richardson will play the sensitive middle child.

It Takes a Village revolves around exes Karen (Remini) and Howard and their new significant others, who join forces to raise their 15-year-old boy.

Zeljko Ivanek to play CIA directorThe Event is a thriller chronicled from multiple points of view that centers on Sean (Jason Ritter), a regular man fighting his way through the mysterious circumstances of a conspiracy to assassinate the U.S. president.

Dale will play a government operative assisting Sean in thwarting the assassination attempt who might have ulterior motives. Ivanek will play the CIA director.

This Little Piggy centers on a family man (Koldyke) forced to take in his two adult siblings, who have fallen on hard times.

No Ordinary Family revolves around an American family led by Jim (Michael Chiklis), whose members have special abilities. Malco will play Jim's best friend.

Hines' presentation, directed by Larry Charles, stars English actor Paul Kaye as a British lowlife moving to Los Angeles to reconnect with his daughter, a teen superstar.

Perfect Couples revolves around three couples, with Munn playing half of one of them.

On 187 Detroit, in which a fictional documentary crew follows a top homicide division, Cotrona will play an undercover detective.

Generation Y is a doc-style drama based on a Scandinavian format that follows a group of young adults during a 10-year span in Austin. Morris will play "the rich kid"; Alonso is "the brain"; and Garner will play "the punk."

Most Likely to Succeed revolves around a group of friends who once were superstars in high school but now face the reality of adulthood.

Doubleday will play Becca, once voted "most popular" but recently divorced from her cheating ex-husband.

Freshmen, from 20th TV, revolves around three freshmen members of Congress (one played by Sarah Chalke) who live together in D.C.

Killam will play Chalke's personal assistant, a go-getter.

Breakout Kings centers on a U.S. marshal (Laz Alonso) who has hand-picked three criminals to help catch dangerous fugitives on the run.

Goodwin will play one of the criminals, a former gang-banger.