D-BOX Technologies Inc., a leading provider of motion technology for immersive home entertainment, today announced that Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC ("Fox") will release its first series of D-BOX motion-enhanced Blu-ray movies.

The first three titles integrating D-BOX technology are Alien vs. Predator and Courage Under Fire (release date: January 23, 2007), and Broken Arrow (release date: February 13, 2007). All titles will include DTS-HD Master Audio, 1080p video and D-BOX™ Motion Code™.

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"This is a spectacular moment for us, as our technology has been embedded by the world's leading motion-picture studio and will soon be on the market," said Claude Mc Master, President and Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX Technologies. "Furthermore, sales and marketing details such as the inclusion of our logo on the Blu-ray disc package and the insertion of D-BOX™ Motion Code™ as part of the menu will inevitably enhance our visibility and notoriety."

"Having D-BOX™ Motion Code™ embedded in our new Blu-ray titles will enable consumers equipped with D‑BOX Technologies motion systems to live a truly immersive home entertainment experience." said Danny Kaye, Executive Vice President of Research and Technology, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.