The Church of Reggie has gotten a pilot order form Fox. According to Variety, Chuck Tatham wrote this sitcom about a man that starts his own religion.

Ron Howard came up with the original idea and then had Tatham turn it into something workable. The plot will revolve around Reggie Fender, a man who has kept an optimistic view on life even though he has suffered his fair amount of hardships. When his outlook catches on with others, he finds himself creating a new religion.

Tatham stated, "(Ron) had an idea about a guy who comes up with a religion in his garage. I've been toying with this idea of contemporary society's search for something to believe in, and the idea that sometimes less conventional avenues can provide what our souls are starved for."

Howard will serve as an executive producer on Church of Reggie. The show will be shot as a single camera/multi camera hybrid. An airdate has yet to be finalized.