MGM and Fox are out to scare you this September 11.

Debuting on DVD in an all-new Special Edition from Fox Home Entertainment, The Lost World explores a land that lives today exactly as it did at the dawn of time. Based on the 1912 Novel, this remake of the 1925 film by the "original master of Disaster" Irwin Allen, was a critically acclaimed film of the 60's. Digitally restored and re-mastered, this two-disc set features film historian commentary, making of documentaries, rare still images, press book galleries and the 1925 Willis O'Brien stop-motion special-effects film.

MGM Home Entertainment unleashes creepy tales on DVD this Halloween. New to DVD, The Burning (1981), featuring film debuts from Holly Hunter, Jason Alexander and Fisher Stevens, tells the gruesome tale of a severely burned summer camp janitor returning to camp hell-bent on vengeance on a new batch of hormone-driven campers; and thieves on the run find themselves trapped in a cornfield haunted by dark, lurid figures in Scarecrows (1988). Debuting on widescreen DVD, witness the birth of evil with Manhunter (1986), the eerie and intense film debut of Hannibal Lecter, staring Brian Cox. The television movie based on a short story by Stephen King, Sometimes They Come Back Back (1991) returns to DVD starring Tim Matheson and Brooke Adams.

The Burning:

A legend of terror isn't a campfire story anymore! Cropsy (Lou David), a summer camp caretaker, is horribly disfigured by fire after a teenage prank goes awry. Years later, he emerges from the burn ward hell-bent on vengeance on a new batch of hormone-driven campers with an oversized pair of garden shears. One of the first producing and writing credits for both Harvey Weinstein (Shakespeare in Love) and Brad Grey (The Sopranos), The Burning (1981) also includes film debuts by Holly Hunter (Copycat), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Fisher Stevens (Short Circuit) and Brian Backer (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) with gruesome special effects by the talented Tom Savini (Friday the 13th).

The Lost World Special Edition:

Prepare yourself to fall off the brink of time and enter The Lost World - A world that lives today exactly as it did at the dawn of time. Professor Challenger and his team of scientists embark on an expedition to a remote plateau deep within the Amazonian jungle to investigate reports that dinosaurs are still alive there. Suddenly, they are exposed to the death-battle of the Jurassic dinosaurs, a wild 70 lb. brontosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus hatching a baby monster, a sea-serpent of a lava lake appearing from the depths, spiders that stalk humans and more! Finally reliving on DVD, this 2-disc special edition will also feature the following bonus features:

- Film Historian Commentary

- Making-of Documentaries

- Rare Still Images

-Press Book Galleries

- The 1925 Willis O'Brien Special Effect Masterpiece


Enter the mind of a serial killer... you may never come back. Based on Thomas Harris's novel Red Dragon, Manhunter introduces the notorious serial killer Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter to film in this prequel to The Silence of the Lambs. Nominated for an Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Motion Picture in 1987, Manhunter stars William Petersen CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) as ex-FBI agent Will Graham, who seeks counsel with Lecter (Brian Cox,Adaptation) to track down a vicious killer who has thwarted authorities at every turn.


When it comes to terror, trespassers are in a field of their own. Centering around a group of thieves who, after stealing millions the Camp Pendleton payroll, kidnap a pilot and his daughter in attempt to escape to Mexico. While en route, one of the thieves gets greedy and double-crosses the others by parachuting out of the aircraft with the loot into a dark cornfield maze with more than it's share of creepy scarecrows. As the others delve into the field after the stolen cash, they begin to realize that these scarecrows aren't just hanging around. They're out for blood!

Sometimes They Come Back:

Based on the story by Stephen King, Tim Matheson (The West Wing) stars as troubled high school teacher Jim Norman who returns to his hometown with his family where he must confront some painful and haunting memories. Some 27 years earlier, Tim's brother was murdered by a group of high school thugs, who were killed themselves by an oncoming train. As some of Tim's students begin to die one by one, the ghostly apparitions of the bullies from his past begin to appear. It's up to Tim to protect his wife and son and cast off the shackles of his past to stop these supernatural killers.

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