Fox Faith will break new ground with their release of Color of the Cross on January 9.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, the new faith based label of 20th Century Fox will be releasing a film that depicts Jesus Christ as a Black man.

This film follows the final days of Christ's life but, according to Fox, it is the first movie to show the world a Black version of Jesus.

"Our movie is not about dividing Christians, but broadening their perspective," states Jean-Claude LaMarre, the film's director-writer-star. "For centuries, Leonardo da Vinci's portrayal of Jesus has been widely accepted. We are offering an alternative image. There's room for all."

He went on to say, "To watch a black man on screen being referred to as 'rabbi,' or to see him partaking in a Seder meal and observing Passover, really blurs the lines that divide blacks and Jews in this country, we are part of the same history."

The film played in "a limited run in 29 theaters, making $85,800 million at the box office, and wasn't nearly as high profile a release as the $370.8 million box office juggernaut The Passion of The Christ."