According to The Hollywood Reporter, in a move that's been expected for nearly a year, Fox Home Entertainment has thrown its support behind the Sony-developed Blu-ray Disc format, creating an even divide among the six studios between the dueling next-generation optical disc formats.

Fox joins Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (with MGM) on the Blu-ray side, which touts greater capacity and widespread support on the consumer electronics side. Blu-ray also will be the platform for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3.

Toshiba's HD DVD is supported by Warner Home Video (with New Line and HBO), Paramount Home Entertainment and Universal Studios Home Entertainment. HD DVD has been in development since 2000, when then-Warner Home Video president Warren Lieberfarb, the father of DVD, learned Sony was quietly working on a high-definition successor to DVD and asked Toshiba to intercede. The resulting HD DVD format is based more closely on current DVD standards for which Toshiba and Warner, among others, have copyrights and patents.