It seems that Fox is taking a unique approach to the superhero/graphic novel game by adapting a new Ed Brubaker graphic novel. Deadline New York is reporting that Fox has picked up the rights to Brubaker's graphic novel series Incognito.

The story revolves around Zach Overkill, a villain with super powers who is caught by the authorities and rats out his boss, The Black Death, and is forced to go into witness protection custody. After taking drugs to suppress his powers, he takes an everyman job as a mail carrier. When he discovers that other recreational drugs can restore his powers, he becomes a vigilante and, when The Black Death learns of his activities, his former boss comes for revenge.

Robert Schenkkan is adapting the graphic novel series for the silver screen. Here's how Brubaker himself described the story to the site.

"He's not your typical villain and I was trying to blend the trappings of pulp, comic and noir genres," Brubaker told me. "Zack was raised to be his world's equivalent of a supervillain. We've all seen the story of a good person who goes undercover and gets corrupted. This is a bad person forced to live among regular people, and how he's affected by that. He once ran around with a mask, but now he's got the fake name and the fake job. My goal was to have you rooting for him as he grows a conscience."

No production schedule was given but we'll be sure to keep you posted on any updated surrounding Incognito as soon as we have more information.