As the format war continues it seems that studios are shoring up their allegiances.

In a story from The Digital Bits, we've got some interesting 2007 plans from Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and New Line Cinema.

While these companies aren't mentioning specific releases, one can only imaging what they will be releasing considering the direction they are going with the next generation formats. Here they are:

Buena Vista Home Entertainment - Apparently they are planning some huge announcements at the 2007 Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Among them will be a large amount of Blu-ray releases. Also, Buena Vista will not be supporting HD-DVD.

20th Century Fox: - Fox will be making a bunch of Blu-ray announcements at CES and, like BVHE, have no plans to put any muscle behind HD-DVD.

Paramount Pictures - They are currently going through their library of films and deciding which ones should be released on both the next generation formats. They plan to "continue supporting both equally" throughout 2007.

New Line Home Entertainment: - The studio is currently mulling over which next generation format to get behind, and when they do, what titles they will release. This should most likely happen in the middle portion of the new year.