Orphan's Dawn: According to Variety, in a high-six-figure deal, 20th Century Fox has optioned Orphan's Dawn, a spec script by Josh Friedman.

The futuristic sci-fi film will be produced by John Davis and Wyck Godfrey of Davis Entertainment. That company teamed with producer Laurence Mark last year on Fox's sci-fi hit I, Robot.

Orphan's Dawn takes place on a city-sized starship, which has been floating in space for a century, its inhabitants seeking a planet on which to settle after their own world was rendered uninhabitable. Time is running out, and a struggle for control breaks out. Script has been crafted to lead to multiple installments if the first one works.

Friedman wrote the first draft of War of the Worlds, which was redone by David Koepp after Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise decided to do the film together.

Friedman then did rewrite work on Sahara and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

His first major credit will likely come with his adaptation of James Ellroy novel "The Black Dahlia," which Brian De Palma will shoot in April.