Fox Reality, the only all-reality, all-the-time television network, brings back a second season of controversy with Solitary, the only reality show where the only way to lose is to quit. Fox Reality is currently in pre-production with an all-new version of the series Solitary 2.0, which promises ground-breaking tests and treatments that will keep viewers talking!

The initial season of Solitary, which debuted June 5, 2006, received praise from viewers and critics alike, by pushing participants to their mental and physical limits with intense tests and treatments. Without a doubt, the concept of Solitary stepped above and beyond the traditional reality-show-box and was one of the ten-most-downloaded series in terms of both season purchases and individual episode purchases during its first week in the iTunes store.

Fox Reality is definitely elevating the endurance level this season with Solitary 2.0. Nine subjects will endure far more grueling psychological tests that will require extreme tolerance and the physical treatments will become even tougher. When the experiment ends, the last person standing walks away with bragging rights and the cash prize of $50,000.

David Lyle, COO and General Manager of Fox Reality, says, "Solitary entered into uncharted territory in the reality world. Solitary 2.0 will push the limits of human tolerance even further and allow our viewers to go along for the ride while, luckily for them, watching comfortably from their homes."

Solitary 2.0 subjects never meet or have interaction with any other human beings. They will only know the voice of their omniscient "friend" Val. Their sarcastic taskmaster and worst nightmare, Val will again taunt the subject by ruling every action in their laboratory pods. The voice of Val controls all elements taking place in their pods including sleep, sound, temperature, and light. They're even stripped of their conventional names, which are replaced with numbers. No reality show puts mental and physical stamina to the test like Solitary 2.0.

Fox Reality is holding a two-week national casting call for Solitary 2.0, seeking nine fearless people to take on the greatest mental and physical challenge of their lives. For casting information, visit