Fox is looking for the truth with its next project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has picked up Lie to Me, which will star Tim Roth, for 13 episodes. The series is based on the life of behavioral scientist Paul Ekman and will center on Roth's Carl Lightman character, a deception expert who works with law enforcement agencies and other private organizations and citizens who need help in searching for the truth.

Kelli Williams will co-star as Roth's partner and Brendan Hines and Monica Raymund also joining the cast. It is said that Roth's lead will be similar to Hugh Laurie's turn in House M.D.

"It has the commercial potential to be a franchise where you can tell episodic stories for five to six seasons, while creatively it has real integrity and a fresh hook that are hard to come by in a crime show," Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said.

The series was ordered to pilot in October and it is said to have a midseason debut, although they aren't sure where it will fit in the lineup quite yet.