If you didn't get your dose of special features when you purchased Best Picture winner Slumdog Millionaire, you're not alone. Variety is reporting that the separate rental versions and retail versions of Slumdog Millionaire have been mispackaged in some cases.

It was announced in early March that Fox was creating two separate classes for their new DVD's, with the rental versions of their films on DVD to include no special features and the retail versions to carry all the features. The initiative was to start yesterday and it seems that some retailers like Amazon were receiving the rental discs with no special features in the retail packaging. It was also reported that some rental versions were shipped with the retail discs inside the rental packaging. The Blu-ray version was not affected, as both the rental and retail version both carry special features.

If you have purchased a copy Slumdog Millionaire that came without special features on the disc (the packaging will still indicate special features, however), you can call 1-888-223-4FOX to replace your disc with one containing the bonus features, according to a note posted on Amazon.