The folks at Fox apparently like to strike while the iron is hot, as the network secured its development slate for this coming season all at once. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has greenlit seven new pilots - four new comedies and three new dramas - in one fell swoop. These seven will join Eva Adams and Boldly Going Nowhere on the Fox development slate.

On the comedy side, The Station will be executive produced by Ben Stiller which revolves around a group of CIA agents who are trying to install a new dictator. Stiller also might direct from Kevin Napier's script.

Walorsky is said to be in the vein of Bad Santa with a lazy ex-cop turned mall security guard who has to step up his game when he's assigned a moronic partner. Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka wrote the pilot and will executive produce.

Two-Dollar Beer comes from Mike Binder and is set in Detroit, revolving around a blue-collar couple and their buddies and family. Rounding out the comedies is Son's of Tuscon, which revolves around three affluent young brothers who hire a hustler to play their "father" while their real dad is in prison for a white-collar crime.

On the drama side, Fox greenlit Maggie Hill, which centers on a successful female surgeon who is also battling schizophrenia, written by Shark creator Ian Biederman. There is also the DC Comics adaptation Human Target, written by Jon Steinberg with McG executive producing and an untitled project from David Hudgens which centers on reincarnation, with past-live investigators who solve the mysteries of their clients previous lives in order to solve their present problems.