Ever since its release in November, Foxcatcher has been riding a wave of critical acclaim, which many believe could result in Oscar nominations for Best Picture, director Bennett Miller and stars Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo. The plot is based on the true story of Olympic wrestlers Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo), following the brothers' relationship with the wealthy John Du Pont (Steve Carell), which ultimately resulted in John murdering Dave. After supporting the film for months through his Twitter and Facebook pages, Mark Schultz launched a surprising attack at the adaptation itself over the past few days, including a tirade against director Bennett Miller. Here's part of Mark Schultz's lengthy Facebook post from yesterday, accusing the director of fabricating any kind of a sexual relationship that may have been implied in the film, between him and du Pont.

"The movie doesn't show hardly any of my victories. It focuses on only my losses. The personalities and relationships between the characters in the film are primarily fiction and somewhat insulting. Leaving the audience with a feeling that somehow there could have been a sexual relationship between duPont and I is a sickening and insulting lie. I told Bennett Miller to cut that scene out and he said it was to give the audience the feeling that duPont was encroaching on your privacy and personal space. I wasn't explicit so I didn't have a problem with it. Then after reading 3 or 4 reviews interpreting it sexually, and jeopardizing my legacy, they need to have a press conference to clear the air, or I will."

Variety reports that those associated with the adaptation were caught off guard by Mark Schultz's comments, since he has been largely supportive of the film and even served as an associate producer, while retweeting numerous positive reviews and comments from fans on his Twitter page. While Variety suggested that Schultz's social media profiles may have been hacked, the former wrestler revealed in a Twitter reply to a fan that he's under contract to support the adaptation until the Oscars, but after that, he will tell the truth to Katie Couric.

Mark Schultz also released his own book entitled Foxcatcher: The True Story of My Brother's Murder, John du Pont's Madness, and the Quest for Olympic Gold, which he says is the true version of the story. Take a look at some of Mark Schultz's tweets from earlier this month along with today's all-caps attack on Bennett Miller.