Sarah Bolger (The Tudors) has joined the Fox pilot Locke & Key, according to Deadline. Also, Nick D'Agosto and Enver Gjokaj are set to star in the USA pilot Eden.

Fox's drama pilot Locke & Key, from producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, 20th TV and DreamWorks TV, is based on Joe Hill's comic.

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Locke & Key tells the story of Nina Locke (Miranda Otto) and her three children, Tyler, Kinsey (Sarah Bolger), and Bode, who survive an unspeakable horror and attempt to rebuild their lives at Keyhouse, their family home in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. It is a mysterious New England mansion, with fantastic and transformative keys hidden inside its walls that are also being sought by a hate-filled and relentless creature with ties to the Locke family's past who will stop at nothing to accomplish his sinister goals. The athletic middle child Kinsey, played by Sarah Bolger, is unhappily uprooted to her dad's family home by her mom after he is brutally murdered.

Josh Friedman wrote the pilot, with Mark Romanek directing.

Eden centers on a young hotel worker (Nick D'Agosto) who, with the help of his escaped con artist cousin (Enver Gjokaj), gets a job as the concierge at an elite NYC hotel. Together they manage to provide the hotel guests with whatever they desire, at whatever the cost.

The pilot will be directed by Jace Alexander.