24: Fox Entertainment Group Inc. will bring a spinoff of its hit television series "24" to cell phones next year in a tie-up with mobile phone carrier Vodafone Group Plc, Fox said on Wednesday.

Vodafone will distribute "24: Conspiracy," a series of 24 minute-long episodes, in up to 23 countries, beginning Jan. 30 in Britain on Vodafone's new 3G advanced wireless network.

The launch will be timed to the debut of the fourth season of "24." The cell-phone series has different characters working in a similar world, and focuses on a CIA (news - web sites) counter-terrorist unit devoted to preventing attacks on U.S. soil.

Fox said plans were under way to distribute "24: Conspiracy" in the United States through Verizon Wireless next year.

The deal was announced as part of the launch of Vodafone's 3G services, which promise CD-quality sound, wireless streaming of audio and video and video calling.