Netflix continues to pump out original content of varying degrees on a monthly basis, and a lot of these movies and TV shows are getting lost in the weeds. So we're here to point you in the direction of the good stuff, and today we have a first look at the upcoming October thriller Fractured. Starring Sam Worthington, the movie sends one man on a mad dash to find his missing family after they disappear during a trip to the ER. Will it reach Bird Box streaming numbers? Or is that even possible a year after that phenomenon released on what was once our premiere streaming network? Take a look at the first trailer, as it appears to be quite an exciting and mysterious thrill ride.

Fractured will release on Netflix worldwide starting October 11, and appears to be a good getaway from some of the more gory and visceral horror offerings that come with this time in the fall season calendar. The basic logline reveals that a man finds he can't trust anyone when his wife and child disappear in a hospital during a visit to the ER. Pretty cut and dry. The simplest premises usually offer the biggest rewards.

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Starring alongside Sam Worthington in this sure-to-be edge of your seat thriller, Lily Rabe, Stephen Tobolowsky and Adjoa Andoh help push the adrenaline level to the max. The movie was directed by Brad Anderson from a script written by Alan McElroy. Producers on the movie include Paul Schiff, Mike Macari and Neal Edelstein.

Driving home after a tense holiday weekend with his in-laws, Ray Monroe (Sam Worthington), a well-meaning but overwhelmed family man, pulls into a rest area with his wife Joanne (Lily Rabe) and daughter Peri (Lucy Capri). The trip takes a turn for the worse when Peri is hurt in an accident and the family rushes to a nearby emergency room run by a staff with dubious intentions.

After being sent away for further testing Peri and Joanne vanish and all records of their visit disappear. Ray's concern turns into a desperate race to find his family and discover the truth of what happened to them.

Along with the first trailer for Fractured, we also get the ominous one-sheet poster featuring Sam Worthington at the forefront. We learn from the tagline that finding his family means finding the truth. The backdrop is a twisty trip down a hospital hallway that will have you dizzy and disoriented. Does Netflix have another hit on their hands with Fractured? If so, it sounds like all involved may get a big money bonus. Take a look direct from Netflix Streaming Youtube Channel.

Fractured movie poster