Framelight Productions, a brand new filmmaker, is setting it's sights on some edgy comic and graphic novel adapataions. Producer Jeffrey Erb and entrepreneur Robert Robinson, Jr. have launched the new company with options on several properties, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Some of the titles under consideration include Marvel Comics' Dr. Deth With Kip and Muffy, written by G.I. Joe's Larry Hama, Image Comics' zombie series Deadworld and their supernatural thriller Sins of the Fallen. Framelight is also looking at the classic tale 1001 Arabian Nights. Framelight plans to do video game and toy tie-ins to their future adaptations.

"We don't want to traditionally option a title; we want to partner with the creator on every aspect of the production," said Robinson. "We weren't the only producers wanting to make movies based on these creators' babies, but we were the only ones inviting them in as co-producers," added Erb.