According to Production Weekly, Franc Reyes, who helmed Empire, the highest grossing film to come out of The Sundance Film festival in 2002, has signed to rewrite and direct a remake of the 1949 boxing drama, The Set-Up.

Robert Wise helmed the original picture which took place within a compact 72 minutes, with he action played out in "real-time."

Bill "Stoker" Thompson is a washed-up boxer who refuses to give up his career despite the pleas of his wife Julie. There's little chance that he's going to win this evening's bout; still, Stoker's manager Tiny has secretly made a deal with a crooked gambler. Stoker is to take a dive, a fact withheld from him until the fight is well underway. His last vestige of pride is aroused in the ring, but the story doesn't end there.

The film is projected to start in mid-April in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where the big fight takes place.