Franchise Sequels: Some insiders at Dark Horizons have written into the website clear up some recent rumors flying around some major franchise sequels...

Jurassic Park IV

For a long time we've heard talk about Spielberg's 'great idea' for the story of the fourth "Jurassic Park" movie that has gotten people exicted about the franchise. Well long time DH informer 'Undergear' finally has the scoop on what that idea might be:

"All these rumors about Jurassic Park 4 are false. They are retooling the script (out to big name doctors right now) But here's the worst part... All this talk about this "brilliant" idea, well... I cannot begin to tell you how bad his idea is...The government has trained dinosaurs to carry weapons and use them for battle purposes. I am not kidding!".

The X-Files 2

'Darren' chimes in with this relatively rough unconfirmed rumour "They're trying to do another X Files movie at Fox - Duchovny, Anderson and Chris Carter that is. Now, what I'm told - no less, over drinks night before last - is that the studio's reluctant to greenlight a new X Files movie - it's been too long, blah, blah - unless there's a big star in it. So who they thinking of? Robin Williams. Duchovny just directed Williams in a movie called 'House of D', and they've got a friendship"

Ghostbusters 3

Close friend of DH 'Wirrrn' just got off the phone with Ernie Hudson for a recent interview about the finished superb HBO series "Oz" which finally hit Aussie network TV this year and the topic of "Ghostbusters 3" came up. Sadly nothing new to report on this front:

"Yeah, I've heard the rumours too! I've met with Danny (Ackroyd) recently, and he'd love to do it, I'd love to do it, Harold Ramis would love to do it, but Bill Murray isn't interested, he doesn't like sequels. I'd love for it to go ahead, but it'd have to be soon, or we'll all be too old to bust anything! I doubt it'll happen".

Stay tuned for more on these rumors...