Stephen King's The Mist director Frank Darabont revealed, in an interview with Fangoria, that he may take on an adaptation of "The Long Walk," a 1979 Steven King novel originally published under his pen name Richard Bachman.

"I still have the rights to The Long Walk," Darabont said, "which is terrific, and would probably be even more low-budget than Stephen King's The Mist. It's kind of on the back burner, like Stephen King's The Mist was on the back burner for a while," but he says he added that "suddenly the day will come when, 'OK, it's time to make this one.' "

King's story revolves around an annual event in which 100 boys must all set off walking nonstop, and lagging behind the pack is punishable by death. The walk continues until there is one boy left.