Even though there's still no solid script for the fourth Indiana Jones film, producer Frank Marshall is scouting out locations for the film; one of those places is Australia.

Marshall talked with Aussie-based paper The Herald Sun about shooting in the country saying, "My job as producer is to get the movie made so if I can do it better and cheaper here in Australia, then I am going to do it. Australia is a definite possibility for Indiana Jones and a couple of other things I am working on at the moment."

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He and Steven Spielberg have also been looking at Europe and the US as other possible production locations, but Frank says cost is definitely a factor. Harrison Ford has been very adamant on a good script and is set and ready to take on the role, picking up the story 10-12 years after The Last Crusade. Frank Marshall does point out, "It will be a story that makes sense and is believable."

Indiana Jones 4 is set to start principal shooting early next year.