Frank Marshall has signed on to direct the shipwreck drama The Longest Night for Paramount Pictures, marking his first directorial project since Eight Below.

The project was set up through Conde Nast Entertainment, a company which launched specifically to develop stories from their magazines for movie and TV adaptations. This story is based on a December 2008 GQ article by Sean Flynn, which chronicles the true story of an Alaskan trawler, which sank in 6,000-foot deep waters on Easter Sunday in 2008. The ship went down 180 miles off the Alaskan coast, carrying 47 crew members, 42 of which were rescued by the Coast Guard, despite facing nearly insurmountable obstacles like 15-foot swells.

Jonathan Lemkin (Jonathan Lemkin, Lethal Weapon 4) wrote the adapted screenplay, with Frank Marshall also producing alongside Conde Nast's Dawn Ostroff and Jeremy Steckler. No production schedule was given.

Frank Marshall is best known for his work as a producer alongside Kathleen Kennedy, including the Back to The Future, Indiana Jones and Bourne franchises, and several upcoming projects such as Jurassic World and Assassin's Creed. His other directorial efforts include Arachnophobia, Alive and Congo.