Frank Miller, best known for his comic book creations, and their adaptations in the film version of 300 and Sin City is now trying to bring someone else's comic creation to life as he steps behind the camera as director for The Spirit. Miller recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times about his work on the film, where he revealed some details about his take on the character and its' world.

"I adored Will Eisner and took a real 'Don't tread on me' approach when I came to this movie. At the same time I was willing to tread all over it," Miller said. "I knew Will always wanted to do something fresh and new, not some stodgy old thing that aspires to be revered. I don't want anybody to bow to this movie. I want a ripping good yarn. It is not an antique."

With it's mixture of state-of-the art digital techniques (the entire movie was filmed on greenscreen, with the sets added in later) and old-school noir sensibilities, The Spirit should prove to be neither an "antique" nor something entirely new. And that mixture of old and new comes through in the storyline of the film as well.

Notable differences from the comics include the fact that The Spirit himself comes back from the dead with something approaching near-invulnerability. His nemesis, the Octopus, played by Samuel L. Jackson, was never seen in the comics, appearing only as a pair of gloves in Eisner's world. And in addition to his ability to survive almost anything, this version of the Spirit also has a bit of a pheromone burst which makes him irresistible to women. "The old Eisner comics were loaded with romance, beautiful and dangerous women, and that was a way to explain the sparks flying between the Spirit and every woman he meets," Miller explained.

It is certainly possible that fans of The Spirit comics may be uncomfortable with Miller's take. Eisner's comic was very humanistic and gentle, while Miller is known for his scenes of intense violence. But Miller remains happy with the project. "I'm sure when this movie comes out it will stir up a fiery debate ...," Miller says. "People have been loving the way comic books have been reaching the screen, but I don't like when everybody drinks the Kool-Aid. I like to shake things up and tell the story the best way possible. And I can tell you firsthand, that's what Will Eisner liked too."

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Directed by comic book legend Frank Miller, The Spirit opens on Christmas Day, 2008. The film stars Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Sarah Paulson, Dan Lauria, Stana Katic, Johnny Simmons, Louis Lombardi, Jamie King and Paz Vega.