MTV caught up with Frank Miller who revealed the status of Sin City 2 and a possible third film:

"Robert [Rodriguez] and I have a script and we're all raring to go. We're aching to get started," he said. "I want to work with that crew again...that wonderful cast."

Rodriguez previously revealed to MTV News that the film will be an adaptation of Miller's "A Dame to Kill For," a prequel to "The Big Fat Kill."

"There was just some problems above us that I don't understand...that I don't really want to understand," Miller said matter of factly about studio delays in pre-production. All of which shouldn't bum out fans, he insisted, since he expects not only to eventually film Sin City 2, but Sin City 3 as well. That story, Rodriguez divulged, would concentrate on Miller's "Hell and Back," the story of a hallucinating artist named Wallace. Rumors have persisted for months that the role of Wallace was being written for Johnny Depp, a casting coup that Rodriguez himself was coyly confident would eventually happen.

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