With 300 racking in as much cash as it did, its no wonder that Warner Brothers has swept up another one of Frank Miller's popular properties. According to Variety, the studio will be turning Miller's Ronin into a live action feature film.

The original comic followed the adventures of a misbegotten samurai that accidently allowed the assassination of his old master to take place. Much like the next Mummy movie, there will be a shape-shifting monster thrown in the mix. The film will follow the dead master's sword into 21st century New York, where the ronin and the demon will battle it out above skyscrapers.

Director Sylvain White will shoot the film in a similar fashion as to the way 300 was shot. Even though the budget will be a modest $65 million, it is a big step up for White. He got his start working on music videos.

There is no start date for the production set yet.