20th Century Fox is quickly developing a new Frankenstein project, which they want Real Steel filmmaker Shawn Levy to direct. We first reported on this Frankenstein endeavor back in June.

Max Landis wrote the script for Frankenstein, which Fox hopes to position ahead of the several other Frankenstein projects at other studios. Nothing is set in stone yet, since there are several other projects the director is interested in. We reported in February that Shawn Levy came aboard the Fox remake Fantastic Voyage, but that project is stuck in development and Shawn Levy is looking to make a new movie in the meantime.

Guillermo del Toro is also developing a Frankenstein project, which we reported on last month, 1019 Pictures has a Frankenstein project in development from writer Dean R. Koontz, and Sony is also working on a Frankenstein of their own. Since all of these projects are in various stages of development, it isn't clear which movie will hit theaters first. We also reported earlier this month that NBC is working on a Frankenstein TV series.