Freaky Deaky has landed Camilla Belle as its lead female character. Charles Matthau will direct this adaptation of Elmore Leonard's 1988 crime novel.

The story follows a radical, bomb-making ex-couple who reunite with the hopes of earning millions of dollars for their expertise. Meanwhile, a bomb squad cop is hot on their trail to take them down. The setting is Detroit, and the film will most likely shoot on location with the new tax incentives that the state of Michigan has instated.

William H. Macy had previously signed onto play the male lead, and it is believed that he is still attached to the project. There are also a number of big name actors circling the project at this time. Charles Matthau confirms that Sam Rockwell, who was rumored to be eyeing the bomb squad cop, is not part of the cast.

Freaky Deaky will begin principle photography later this year.