Vince Vaughn is starring in a new horror-comedy titled Freaky, from the makers of Happy Death Day, produced by Blumohouse. The actor plays the role of a merciless serial killer who switches bodies with a teen girl for some gory hi-jinks. The Freaky trailer released recently, and best-selling horror novelist Stephen King loved Vaughn's performance so much he declared the actor deserved an Oscar nomination.

"Based on the trailer of Freaky, Vince Vaughn has GOT to get nominated for an Academy Award. This looks fucking AWESOME!"
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Freaky is described as a twisted take on the body-swap genre, in which a teen girl Millie Kessler, played by Kathryn Newton, switches bodies with a merciless serial killer, played by Vaughn.

According to the film's official description released by Blumhouse, the story starts with Millie as an ordinary high-school student trying to survive the cruelties of the popular clique of students. Things take a turn when she becomes the target of her town's most infamous serial killer, known as The Blissfield Butcher.

Things take an even stranger turn when it turns out the Butcher has been using a mystical dagger for his crimes and using the dagger on Millie triggers an ancient curse that causes the two to switch bodies. Now the teen in the grown man's body has only 24 hours to get back in her own body before the switch becomes permanent.

Unfortunately, Millie's quest to reunite with her body is complicated by the fact that she is currently inhabiting the body of a wanted criminal, with the police launching a city-wide hunt to take the serial killer down. Then there is the man inhabiting the body of the teen girl, who finds among her classmates a ready crowd of victims to feast on.

The trailer for the movie recalls the off-kilter humor and unexpected violence that made Happy Death Day a cult classic of its genre. The majority of the victims of the serial killer are shown to be bullies who the audience should feel little sympathy for, making such scenes as where a girl gets cryogenically frozen and shatters into pieces funny rather than tragic, or when Millie uses her new male body's strength to terrify one of her former tormentors into wetting his pants.

Despite the praise from Stephen King, Vaughn appears to be playing... Vaughn, only this time he's speaking lines written for a teen girl, which is where a lot of the humor of the movie seems to be derived from. A more interesting transformation has been pulled off by Kathryn Newton, who goes from playing the stereotypical high school loser Millie to a cold-blooded and extremely calculating serial killer, willing to use her innocent looks to fool the populace while plotting to kill her former host body and all her friends.

With a lead cast comprising of Vince Vaughn, Kathryn Newton, Celeste O'Connor, Misha Osherovich, Uriah Shelton, Dana Drori, Katie Finneran, Alan Ruck, directed by Christopher Landon from a script by him and Michael Kennedy, Freaky is scheduled for a theatrical release on November 13.