A Nightmare On Elm St. & Friday The 13th franchises: According to a scoop over at Ain't It Cool, New Line has proclaimed that the 2 series the new Freddy vs. Jason film is being based off of (A Nightmare On Elm St. & Friday the 13th) might not be ending after the film hits theaters in August.

In a recent sit down at Comic-con, Robert Englund, who plays 'Freddy Krueger', talked about his view on the future of the 2 franchises:

"I think they may be testing the waters at New Line to put some fresh blood in (both franchises) and see what they can come up with. I have a hunch that New Line has one or two great FRIDAY THE 13TH scripts on the shelf. I *know* there's one or two great NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET scripts. I know there was one done way back around Part Three, with the sister of Tina from Part One, and it was a great female woman warrior - older, like a thirty year old, coming back to avenge her sister's death. I know there's talk of a prequel to ELM STREET with Robert Englund or another actor playing Freddy the serial killer before

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.