Freddy vs. Jason:Fangoria has scored the biggest scoop yet on the long awaited Freddy vs. Jason project and the casting of 'Jason'. This story is unconfirmed, but keep your eyes peeled to Lights Out for more on this...

Sources tell us that Ken Kirzinger, an actor/stuntman who has appeared in several features as well as TV’s OUTER LIMITS, THE CROW: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN and DARK ANGEL, and coordinated stunts for the X FILES series and numerous films including INSOMNIA, 13 GHOSTS, BAD MOON—and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VIII—is behind the mask.

Superman: A direct for the new Superman movie was officially announced last night:

J.J. Abrams and Jon Peters were given the daunting task of re-imagining the Superman epic and J.J. met the challenge, delivering a terrific script with emotion, depth and scale that bring new dimension to this legendary character. We couldn't be more pleased to entrust the next chapter in the Superman mythology to Brett Ratner, a dynamic director whose skillful blend of action, comedy and drama has captured the imaginations of audiences worldwide.

Thanks to Coming Attractions for the scoop!

In other Superman news, Dark Horizons received word from Superman Cinema that Warner Bros. isn't very happy with Ain't Cool's review of the Superman script:

"Warner Bros. are absolutely furious at AICN's review of the script and is in complete panic mode. Heads are rolling and the entire studio is in turmoil. It seems they are scared to death they may have another BATMAN & ROBIN situation on their hands (they do) where negative buzz kills the film before it is even released. This time before it is even shot! The entire project is now in jeopardy and that they may have to throw out the entire script and start over. Someone who HATED the script and fought against it is the one who leaked it. But basically, there are a few people in the company who understand how bad the script is. Btw, the studio heads, many of them have never seen the Donner film and do not know ANYTHING about the origins of SUPERMAN, which explains why they loved the Luthor is an alien concept".

Peter Jackson's Next:Bloody Disgusting has transcribed part of an interview Fangoria conducted with Lord Of The Rings director, Peter Jackson, about his next project:

"I am seriously thinking about the idea of another zombie film. Part of the fun of doing low-budget horror films is the freedom you have. I'm kind of thinking that it would be fun to shoot something over a long period of time. Whatever we might do after Lord of the Rings, I'm seriously thinking of filming on the weekends.......It'll be another year before I can actually do anything, but certainly now is the time to start planning."

Thanks to DH for the heads up.

The Hulk:Coming Attractions recently reported some of the many things that actor Josh Lucas has been saying about Ang Lee's Hulk:

"That movie is going to be totally different that anything ever done in terms of comic books."

"What you have here is a being that ranges in size, that will be in a room, involved in a space like this, where you see "computer-generated" that he has emotions. That his eyes are alive. He's got feelings. He's got terror. It's the technology of Jurassic Park times twenty. It's the same people who did that. But rather than that, here we have a real beast. You have a real being. And the way that they're doing it is incorporating emotions."

Thanks to 'Partain's Tail' for the scoop!

Troy: Eric Bana is set to star opposite Brad Pitt in Wolfgang Petersen's Troy, according to Cinescape.

Bana will portray Trojan Prince Hector, who is slain by the Greeks' nearly invincible warrior, Achilles (Pitt).

Thanks to 'Partain's Tail' for the tip.

Fletch Won:Dark Horizons scored a scoop from a someone who transcribed Jason Lee's interview on Carson Daily's "Last Call" the other night:

Will Lee be doing the films? "Well, yeah. Part of why I'm doing all this publicity is so I can get a certain studio to recognize that I could very well carry a film...It'll be the first. Fletch Won. W-O-N. The first book, so it'll be the younger Fletch. So Kevin does wanna adapt it and direct me as the younger Fletch. So...but it's hard. Again, there are compromises I have to make not being the guy who's ultra willing to be "Famous Guy" because sometimes studios don't consider guys like me very bankable. So they think....He's funny, he's got a big following with Kevin fans and stuff, but could he carry a movie - can we waste that kind of money?".

Daredevil:Latino Review scored a nice new shot of Kingpin in Daredevil! CLICK HERE

Spider:IGN's Filmforce has some new pics up for the film! CLICK HERE

The Italian Job: Some new on-set images are up for Charlize Theron's The Italian Job. CLICK HERE

Bad Boys 2: Some new on-set images are up for the sequel to Bad Boys. CLICK HERE

Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers: Our friends at War Of The Ring have alerted us to a great new shot of Frodo holding and examining 'The One Ring' in the upcoming film! CLICK HERE

In addition, tune into Entertainment Tonight to see the trailer for the first time!!! Here's how ET describes it:

In 'The Two Towers,' the Fellowship has divided and its heroes now find themselves taking different paths to defeat Sauron and his forces. Their destinies lie at the evil union of the two towers: Barad-dur, fortress of Sauron, and Orthanc Tower, stronghold of the corrupt wizard, Saruman (CHRISTOPHER LEE). Along the way, audiences will meet many new divine and macabre characters, including the treacherous Gollum (ANDY SERKIS), the shadowy villain obsessed with Frodo and the Ring.

Thanks to Coming Soon for the heads up. Stay tuned, Lights Out will have it up on the site as soon as it airs!

The Tuxedo: The press junket for The Tuxedo happened last night and it looks like everyone's got their reports in. make sure you pay attention to everything that comes out of Jennifer Love Hewitt's sweet, sweet mouth.

CLICK HERE for IGN's Filmforce's version of events.

CLICK HERE for CHUD's take on things.

Movie Picture{51} A couple of sites recently sat down with Nick Stahl who is playing

On working with Arnold:

"Well, I've seen the second film and I really liked it as a 15 year old kid. I watched it many times! The first film I probably only saw once, but I saw it a couple of times again later. Arnold is a larger-than-life character and I don't think that really affected the working relation. He's been acting for so long now."

Terminator 4?

"We already discussed that option and I'd love to, but I guess it's really up to 'them' to do another film, but YES, I would love to do another Terminator movie. This was instantly followed up by another person to reveal: "Basically there are options for everybody to return in T4"

On Edward Furlong's work in T2:

"I kind of had to do it on my own. I couldn't really look at what he [Furlong] did, I don't think it was possible even if I wanted to mimic something that he did. I don't think that is very realistic. I don't think it will come across well anyway. So I really had to approach it as a brand new character that really hadn't been done before. It was established that Jonathan Mostow [director] wanted another actor for the role, so in that there was no fear of it being different because that was just established from the get-go you know? What's great about the role is that you just have an automatic backstory, a whole history that's documented"

Physical challenges?

"The one thing about this type of movie I discovered is that you shoot something 100 different ways, so anytime your doing anything physical, your gonna do it over and over and over again. It's gets kind of taxing if you're not prepared for it, but there was a little physical training involved before hand. I did some training with weapons that I was going to be using in the movie like different kind of handguns and things like that, so it was all really fun actually. It was all really new for me"

Ready for the attention T3 will bring him?

"Well I don't know, I've been making sure that the rest of my life is in a much order as possible, because I don't know what to expect from this and I know we'll be traveling and doing some press and stuff, but other than that I really don't know what to expect."

Thanks to TheArnoldFans and Latino Review!

Stay tuned...~Brian