Believe it or not, Ash Vs Freddy Vs Jason is a movie that almost happened. It was supposed to be New Line's follow-up to the extremely successful Freddy Vs Jason movie that came out in 2003. And it would have brought Bruce Campbell's iconic Ash character back to the big screen for the first time since 1993's Army of Darkness. Alas, it was not meant to be, and Ash wouldn't return until 2015, when Starz premiered the hit horror series Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Now, with the Season 3 premiere on the horizon for this Sunday, we wondered if there was any chance Freddy and Jason might actually pop up on the show sometime in the future.

To celebrate the debut of Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3, we caught up with Bruce Campbell, to chat about all the secrets and surprises that are in story for Ashley Williams and his gang of Deadite hunters. Talk inevitably turned to Ash vs Freddy vs Jason. Would we, or could we, possibly see this take shape in some way or form on the series before it comes to an end? Right away, Mr. Campbell frowned at the idea of actually bringing either Freddy or Jason into the mix.

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"I hate to break your little fanboy bubble, but that will never happen."

Ok, so neither Freddy nor Jason will ever show up on Ash Vs Evil Dead, and we didn't think they would. But what about straight up cameos from Robert Englund or Kane Hodder. They don't have to play their iconic slasher monsters to make this work. Fans would be happy just to see all three actors on the screen together. And Bruce Campbell actually thinks this is a possibility if the show continues.

"Those actors, they're both pals of mine. Robert Englund I see all the time. Kane Hodder is a real sweetheart. He just put out his book. So yeah, as an actor? Like, have Robert Englund play a bitchy hotel clerk, you know? Something like that. So, maybe! We could do that. Sure, why not."

The problem is, Ash Vs Evil Dead may be calling it quits after Season 3. The original plan was for five seasons, with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi having mapped out the story for all five of those seasons. But Season 3 almost didn't happen, and the future of the show is really up in the air. It could end this year. And the team was prepared for that going in.

"Fans need to be a little worried. Because it's a fickle word out there. And people have a lot of choices. You never know when your going to get the axe. The most important thing of season 3, we wanted to make sure, if that was going to be it for us...Because, again, you never now...And I've been on shows that got canceled in the off season. And that's a very unfortunate situation. You can't wrap things up. We're acting like Season 3 is it. For us. Story wise. So, if it only goes three seasons, I hope the fans will walk away very happy. With a tummy full of yummy stuff."

So, there you have it. This may be the last we see of Ash and his band of merry warriors fighting the good fight on Starz, Hopefully they'll all be back. But at least we have season 3 to look forward to over the next couple of months. You can check out our exclusive interview with Bruce Campbell in the video below.