An artist has made custom hybrid masks combining Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees into something called "Frason," and the result is oddly much more horrifying than both characters combined. If the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street movies terrified you as a child, you're not going to like this mask. Both characters might be pop culture icons, but perhaps it's best to just leave them be as separate individuals. While certainly goofy, the mask is highly unsettling, and after registering that this is a thing that exists you may be left asking, "...why?"

Now selling online, the Frason mask comes two ways. The standalone mask is selling for the low, low price of $200 with only 25 total being sold. Paying $250 will get you the "Frason Delux Version" mask, which comes with a child-size felt hat and resin hockey mask. There's just something inherently comical about adding the tiny hat to what is already an absolutely crazy costume. This will also have a run of 25, meaning there will only be 50 total Frason masks in existence. Atomic Vomit, the retailer, says on the website to allow 6-8 weeks for the mask to be delivered after making your purchase.

Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees met in 2003 when Freddy vs. Jason was released in theaters. After lingering in development hell for over a decade, the crossover movie finally brought together the two biggest icons of the horror genre. It tells the story of Freddy pulling Jason out of the underworld to wreak havoc on Elm Street, leading to a bloody battle between the two titans. The movie features the final theatrical performance of Robert Englund as Freddy, but controversially recasts veteran Jason actor Kane Hodder with Ken Kirzinger. Drawing mixed opinions from fans, the movie has its place in both franchises and can be seen as the end of an era before the wave of reboots and remakes took over Hollywood.

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While other slasher movie franchises like Child's Play and Halloween are getting theatrical revivals, the future of Freddy and Jason on the big screen is currently unclear. There have been rumors of New Line rebooting A Nightmare on Elm Street (again) for a few years now, and Robert Englund has teased he'd be willing to play Freddy Krueger one more time. Meanwhile, legal problems have kept Friday the 13th from having another reboot put into production, and only when these issues are completely resolved will we see Jason Voorhees in theaters again. It seems inevitable both franchises will be back on the big screen one day, one way or another.

If you're looking for your next new horror cosplay, you're bound to turn some heads by portraying Frason. We see lots of people dressing up as Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees, but nobody has a Frason costume. No matter the occasion, you're bound to stand out when you show up dressed as Frason. Especially if you're the only one in costume. If you so desire, you can purchase the Frason mask by heading on over to Atomic Vomit - while supplies last!

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