When it comes to top notch movie products, NECA is hard to beat and now they've raised the bar even further with the addition of a new Dream Warriors Welcome to Primetime Freddy figure. Earlier in the week, NECA showed off another Dream Warriors figure, which is based off of Freddy in his retro-style tuxedo and was previewed at the Toy Fair in New York earlier this year. These new Nightmare on Elm Street figures are a must have for any true fan of horror flicks.

"Welcome to Primetime, b*tch," is one of the most iconic lines in the long history of Freddy Krueger, so while the figure may look a little odd (in the best possible way), it's still incredible just for the fact that it was made alone. The Dream Warriors figure is shown against a wall and shows Freddy's head popping out of the TV, complete with his mechanical, creepy arms and his antennas poking from his head. It should be noted that this is just a preview and does not show off the packaging, so we don't know if a Jennifer figure will be included as well.

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NECA started making the 30th anniversary Dream Warriors figures in February of 2017 and they're continuing their line after the Ultimate Freddy figure was released along with the quarter scale Freddy as well, which has a removable chest plate that shows what Freddy is made of. Freddy can either have his famous sweater on or you can show him off with all of the tortured souls on full display, ready to frighten any kid that thinks that Freddy Krueger is for children.

There is no release date set for the Dream Warriors Welcome to Primetime Freddy figure, but it is believed that it will either be on display or available for purchase at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Since we've now seen the packaging for the Tuxedo Freddy, it makes it highly likely that at the very least he'll be on sale along with the previously released Dream Warriors figures. As with all of what NECA does, these new Freddy figures are incredibly detailed and would make an excellent addition to any horror fan's A Nightmare on Elm Street collection.

If these bad boys are for sale at Comic-Con this year, make sure you bring some cash because NECA usually doesn't except any other forms of payment. So leave your crypto currency at home. NECA has just previewed the Welcome to Primetime figure, so there's no telling when it will be available to purchase or if it will be limited edition. It surely seems like it would be limited, so keep an eye out for any updates from NECA. While not much information has been released about it, you can at the very least check out an image of the Dream Warriors Welcome to Primetime Freddy figure below, provided by NECA's Twitter account.