Join El Rey Network and Freddy Krueger for the third annual "Rip Your Heart Out" Valentine's Day Marathon. This year will bring you and your Dream Warrior closer together with five of the classic A Nightmare on Elm Street films as well as episodes from the iconic 1988 series Freddy's Nightmares. The marathon will begin with the episode Black Tickets on Saturday, February 13th at 6AM ET/PT and will conclude with A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child on Monday, February 15th at 2AM ET/PT.

The entire weekend will be hosted by the star of the franchise - Robert Englund. Englund's portrayal of Freddy Krueger blasted him into the pop culture vernacular as heir apparent to the horror icons of the past, destined to stand alongside Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera and Boris Karloff's monster in Frankenstein.

After five years of success in regional theater Robert Englund. returned to the west coast for his very first audition which landed him a starring role in the 1973 film Buster and Billie directed by Daniel Petrie. Englund worked steadily through the 70's playing best friends, bad guy #1 and southern red-necks and starred opposite some of the biggest stars of the time including Henry Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Jeff Bridges, Sally Field and Arnold Schwarzenegger among others. Audiences could put a name to his familiar face when Englund was cast as Willie the friendly alien in the hit mini-series and subsequent successful TV show V.

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During one hiatus from filming the TV series, he auditioned for a hot young director making an interesting low budget horror movie for the independent studio New Line Cinema. Englund's interview with Wes Craven landed him the role playing the burn scarred dream demon Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street and launched him into horror history. The international success of V and the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise opened the door for film work abroad.

Englund has starred in movies shot in such exotic locales as Budapest, St. Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Madrid, Palermo, Barcelona and Zagreb. After over 75 feature length films, four TV series and countless episodic guest star roles - the most recent being guest leads on Criminal Minds and Workaholics, Englund is now directing as well as acting, and exploring the world of reality television and internet programming. He can currently be seen co-starring with Malcolm McDowell and John Glover in the film Sanitarium. Upcoming films include; The Funhouse Massacre (to be released 2016), Fade (TBD) and Abruptio (2017). Take a look at the full schedule for El Rey Network's "Rip Your Heart Out" Marathon Film Schedule below.