Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare arrived in 1991 and was supposed to put the final nail in Krueger's coffin. It wasn't Robert Englund's last turn as the The Springwood Slasher though, nor was it perhaps his best turn as the iconic horror character. Now, the movie, which arrived as the fifth sequel in the franchise, is getting an absolutely breathtaking new poster from artist Matthew Peak, who is known for his illustrious work on the Elm Street series.

The poster created by Matthew Peak is available for sale at Bottleneck Gallery, along with a variant that has already sold out. The poster is $75, 20 color screen print, 24 x 36 inches, signed and hand-numbered with an edition of 150. The poster is estimated to ship in 6-8 weeks. But you better hurry, these are going to go fast, and will likely be gone soon. The sold out variant didn't include the movie's title and is textless, which appears to be the more popular of the two posters. Only 50 of the textless version were made.

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Mathew Peak painted the original A Nightmare on Elm Street poster for Wes Craven's 1984 horror masterpiece, and went onto do posters for a number of the other Elm Street sequels. This is his first poster for Freddy's Dead, which was supposed to give Freddy a final big screen burial. It was also the first and only Elm Street movie released in 3D, which this new poster gloriously reminds us of. Though the entire movie wasn't in 3D, only a six-minute dream sequence during the film's final act, serving as what at the time was supposed to be Freddy's last hoorah. That didn't last long.

Robert Englund would return three years later to reprise Freddy Krueger again, as well as play himself in Wes Craven's New Nightmare, which brought the dream demon into the real world. Robert Englund would return for a final go as Krueger in 2000's Freddy Vs. Jason before passing the torch to Jackie Earle Haley in the much maligned 2010 remake. The franchise has been sleeping quietly ever since.

In Freddy's Dead, Murderous ghoul Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) has slaughtered every last child in his hometown. He ventures on to a new location, scouting fresh young victims to hack up with his finger blades. He arrives in a small town in which his long-lost daughter, Maggie (Lisa Zane), works as a therapist for troubled youths. He attempts to recruit her for his dastardly pursuits, but she has other ideas. Father and daughter meet for a bloody showdown that will determine Freddy's fate once and for all.

Matthew Peak's new poster features some of the most memorable moments in Freddy's Dead. And it's a truly jaw-dropping poster for Nightmare fans. You can check out the two posters below, and visit Bottleneck Gallery. But don't sleep on this if you want it, these will be snatched up quicker than Freddy slings his deadly knife fingers.

Freddy's Dead poster Matthew Peak
Freddy's Dead poster variant Matthew Peak
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