Freddy Krueger had a singing career? Sure, for a short time, if you can call it singing. If you're a die hard Nightmare on Elm Street fan, you're going to want to bust out your wallet for this one. The very rare Freddy's Greatest Hits album, which was released as a piece of promotional merchandise in 1987 alongside A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, is finally getting a re-release. However, those that want to get their hands on it need to act fast, as the quantities are going to be very limited.

Mondo is handling the re-release of Freddy's Greatest hits, which features covers and originals from the fictional band The Elm Street Group. The vinyl re-release is to be pressed on special "Freddy Sweater" striped vinyl, as if you needed any more reason to pick this up. The catch? There's only going to be 400 copies pressed. Worldwide. Here's the information from Mondo about the forthcoming re-release.

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"Originally released in 1987 at the height of the 'Freddy' craze (Freddy already had three movies under his belt, and a fourth on the way. Even by then, he was a veritable pop icon, as Americana as hot dogs). This record contains nine tracks, a mix of covers (from the likes of Wilson Pickett, The Everly Brothers, Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs) and original songs and instrumentals. The album is everything you expect it to be: screaming '80s drum machines and distortion filled electric guitars being drowned out by synthesizers. Over the top of these songs is Robert Englund doing the voice (and manic laugh) of Freddy Kruger. The actual music-making was done by the Elm Street Group, who were much respected studio musicians working for RIC records. Featuring artists like Kevin Kelly and Alan Brewer who both contributed to Rick Wakeman's soundtrack for THE BURNING."

Freddy's Greatest Hits was released during the height of Freddy Krueger's popularity. While something like this would be completely silly by today's standards, especially the track "Do the Freddy," it's something that Elm Street lovers, and horror lovers in general, would probably love to own. Mondo has priced this re-release at a very reasonable $25, which is much better than collectors could do otherwise. Original copies of the record (which was also released on cassette) can go for $100 or more easily on eBay. You'd be very lucky to find one for $50 or less. So this is a pretty solid deal.

The re-release of Freddy's Greatest Hits goes on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, November 22, at noon. So if you want one of the 400 copies that are going to be pressed, plan accordingly. Pre-sale orders are expected to ship in January of 2018, according to Mondo. If nothing else, this should help tide hardcore horror fans over until that Nightmare on Elm Street reboot gets going, which may not be for a while. You can check out the cover art for Freddy's Greatest Hits, which features Robert Englund in full Freddy garb, for yourself below.

Freddy's Greatest Hits cover