Apple is offering an exclusive sneak peek of Superman Returns by offering a free download of a two and a half minute scene from the film on the iTunes Music Store which can be viewed on a computer (PC or Mac) or iPod. iTunes also features the film's original soundtrack, Brandon Routh's Celebrity Playlist and free podcasts featuring Director Bryan Singer's video journals as he chronicles the making of Superman Returns.

CLICK HERE to watch the clip, although you must have the (free) iTunes player installed on your PC/MAC.

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Scene Description:

In the press room of the Daily Planet, Clark Kent receives a distress message from Lois Lane. With no phone booth in sight, Clark quickly ducks into an elevator to make the change to Superman. Once airborne, he discovers a threat headed for the city. As an earthquake strikes Metropolis, Superman comes to the rescue!

Superman Returns hits theatres and IMAX on June 28.