Warner Independent Pictures is hosting a whole bunch of free screenings for their upcoming comedy Introducing the Dwights starring Brenda Blethyn, Emma Booth and Peter Callan.

The list of cities where the free screenings will take place is listed on the film's official website, where you can sign up for a particular screening.

CLICK HERE to access the official website!

... HOWEVER, you may have difficulties finding the webpage within the official site, so ...

CLICK HERE to directly access the webpage to choose one of several U.S. cities to see if there is a free screening near you (please note, that this promotion has been going on for a few weeks, so for some of the cities, some-or-all of the screenings have already taken place).

Introducing the Dwights arrives in theatres on July 4 and is a heartfelt comedy about a mother who tries to come between her son and his coming of age. Tim's mom, Jean, is a bawdy and risqu&#233 comedienne still hoping to make it big. His brother Mark helps their mother rehearse for shows. Together, they inhabit a non-traditional household where chaos is the norm, the music is always on, and Jean's larger-than-life personality takes center stage. When Tim meets and falls for Jill, his home becomes a combat zone as his mother fears this new girl, whose name she refuses to remember, will "break up" the unique family unit she's tried so hard to keep together. In this quirky and oftentimes touching tale, Tim must learn to manage the emotions of the women of his life without losing himself in the process.