We've known for quite some time that the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot will feature Jason Voorhees' mom and dad. Today, a casting call offers new insight into the flashback story that is being told. According to ProjectCasting.com, the production has a very specific type of actor it is looking for. And further inspection indicates that this movie has a new title, tying it into the overall franchise.

Just yesterday, reports surfaced that Friday the 13th is gearing up for a March production start date with casting currently underway. The quasi-sequel reboot hybrid will shoot in Conyers, Georgia. Today, we have a better understanding of who production company Platinum Dunes is looking for in resurrecting Jason Voorhees for the 13th time. On a Friday no less. The casting call says this.

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"Male, Caucasian, 12 years old ONLY SEEKING IDENTICAL TWINS W/ TV AND FILM CREDITS. MUST BE UNDER 5 FOOT. NO EXCEPTIONS. Lengthy and awkward. A dark, ominous child, who has severe psychological issues. Must have a very electric and expressive face (you will be painting the scene with your facial expressions), as this role does not speak. YOUNG JASON will grow into the pyscho-killer JASON. SUPPORTING ROLE. MUST BE ATLANTA BASED."

This is interesting for a lot of reasons. Unlike some other productions, the casting call is not shying away from calling Jason by his actual name. Sometimes, productions will use fake character names to throw scoop hounds off the scent. This pretty much guarantees will be getting a young version of Jason, which has been seen before in various sequels throughout the 12 movie series. More interesting is that they are casting twins.

The likely scenario is that most, if not quite a lot, of Friday the 13th will shoot at night, and they will need twin actors to better utilize the strict work hours allowed for such a production. Having a second actor will help avoid any legal trouble that may arise. As children under 18 are only allowed to work a certain amount of hours per day by law. But, some are speculating that perhaps Jason actually has a twin. And that twin is the one who actually drowned, explaining how Jason became a full-grown man. That isn't a very likely scenario though. Especially since the casting call only seems to be seeking an actor for the single character of Jason.

The casting call goes onto say that the movie will shoot from March 19 to May 24. And it also gives the reboot a new title, pointing towards the fact that this is a true sequel. They are calling the movie Friday the 13th, Part 13. This title may also be in place just to mark what a special occasion the 13th Friday the 13th actually is.

Breck Eisner, the man behind The Crazies remake, is directing from a script by Aaron Guzikowski. It has previously been described as an 'origin-ish' story by producer Bryan Fuller. It was previously confirmed that Jason's mother Pamela Voorhees will play heavily in the story, though she hasn't been cast yet. And the movie will mark the big screen debut of Jason's dad Elias, who has been introduced in the Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Novelization. The movie is still scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, October 13th, 2017. But it has been delayed in the past, and with a shoot happening through May, that only gives them a small six months window to get the movie finished before its debut.