Paramount Pictures has shifted the date of its upcoming Friday the 13th reboot. Don't worry, it will still open, as intended, on Friday the 13th. Only now, we'll be getting it next summer instead of this winter, as the second attempt to remake the movie into a viable franchise leaves its original November 13th slot and slides into the more comfortable May 13, 2016 spot on the calendar.

Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Bradley Fuller confirmed a little less than two weeks ago that the new Friday the 13th would hopefully shoot this year. The screenplay is still being worked on, but it has been confirmed a few times now that the story will definitely revolve around iconic camp slasher Jason Voorhes. No further details have been revealed at this time.

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In it's old slot, Friday the 13th was set to go toe-to-toe with the comedy Rock the Kasbah starring Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, Bill Murray, and Danny McBride, which would have pulled in a decidedly different audience. New Line also has an untitled comedy set to open on that date. In it's new release spot, the horror thriller will face off against an untitled Universal Pictures comedy. Friday the 13th will be directed by David Bruckner, and is the 13th film in the franchise, which should account for something...Right?