Last month, Paramount Pictures shifted the release date for its Friday the 13th reboot again, moving it from January 13, 2017 to October 13, 2017. This is the fifth release date change for this long-awaited project, but now the remake seems to be on the right track again, with director Breck Eisner coming aboard last month. Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form recently shed some light on this project, teasing that fans won't be disappointed in this "unrelenting" version of Jason Voorhees.

The producers recently spoke with Variety, revealing that they want to make this project special, especially considering that this is the 13th Friday the 13th movie. The producers spoke highly of new writer Aaron Guzikowski, who signed on to rewrite the script just as David Bruckner, who had long been attached to direct, parted ways with the project. Here's what Brad Fuller had to say about Jason's ultimate resurrection.

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"This is the 13th Friday the 13th and on some level that's kind of magical that we are lucky enough to make the 13th Friday the 13th movie. The challenges are you don't want to alienate the people that come to see the first 12 but at the same time you don't want your audience who haven't seen the first 12 to feel like I've missed out on all of this and I'm not coming to see the 13th film. That's where and why we were lucky enough to get Aaron Guzikowski, who is an amazing writer and who saw a way to bridge those two audiences and make a way a movie where if you haven't seen a Friday the 13th movie you know exactly what is going on and if you have seen one, you are going to be smiling the whole way through because there are nods to everything that you know but it is not imperative that you know those things to enjoy the film. We have made plenty of Slasher movies and what excites us about this one is that our characters aren't just meat for Jason to butcher. These are real characters which will hopefully make the bond with the audience that much stronger because you really care about the people in this film."

Brad Fuller revealed in an interview earlier this year that this project will showcase Jason's family, including his mother Pamela and his father Elias, who has been referenced before but never seen on screen in the franchise's history. In this new interview, the producers teased that they "will not let anyone down" when it's time for "Jason to do his business," with Andrew Fuller describing the action sequences as "unrelenting", going on to say this iconic killer will be very 'busy'. The producers wouldn't offer any further details, but they have confirmed in the past that the movie is set in the 1980s, and will feature an "origin that no one has seen before."

No cast members have been revealed for Friday the 13th quite yet, and it isn't known when filming will begin. When David Bruckner was attached to direct, the producers were eyeing a found footage approach, but that was eventually scrapped due to negative backlash from the fans.