Not since 2009 have we seen the legendary slasher Jason Voorhees on screen, but next year we are finally going to get the long-awaited Friday the 13th remake. After a recent release date shift and the hiring of a director, the project has some serious momentum and seems to actually be on track to land on its new release date. Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form seem optimistic about the project and recently revealed some new details, including when the movie will be shooting.

In a recent interview with Collider, the Platinum Dunes producers discussed what took so long to get this movie going and a little bit of what we can expect in next year's reboot. Between a rights issue for Friday the 13th and having to wrestle with the idea of doing a found-footage version of the movie, it took a while to get things right, but now the pair says they have it together. Here is what they had to say.

"In terms of fun, making [the 2009 film] was so fun. The cast was great, we were in a great setting, everyone got along. We had a lot of fun making that movie and we always wanted to go back to Crystal Lake and make another one. There were so many obstacles to surmount to get to where we are today. I'm not going to bore you with all of them but for a long time, there was a rights issue between Paramount and Warner Bros. Then there was an execution issue. At one point, the studio wanted us to make a found-footage version of that movie and that was deeply concerning to us because we didn't think we could execute the movie in the right way if it was a found-footage movie."

The found-footage craze in the horror genre is something that is starting to feel pretty tired, but with proper execution, it can still yield a good result. Plus, they can be made on the cheap, so it is understandable why the studio would have thought that was a good way to go. There have been 12 previous Friday the 13th movies, so something needs to be done in order to reinvigorate the franchise and there are some things that might be cool in a POV found footage style with Jason. But it will likely come as a relief to many fans that this new movie won't be heading down that route. Brad Fuller and Andrew Form also talked a bit about what this movie will (and won't) be and stated that it will shoot in early spring with director Breck Eisner.

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"No, Jason is a POV movie. So, it was very hard to wrap our head around how you would do a Friday the 13th that was found footage, knowing that we really need the Jason perspective of watching. We didn't want to break the DNA of that. We also battled: do we do a sequel to the original? Do we pick up where we left off with Jared and Amanda at the end of the movie? Somehow, that didn't find a home. So, it's been eight years. It will be eight years since we made the last one. I'm here to say that we found the location. We have found the lake, we have found the camp. We found an amazing script by Aaron Guzikowski. Breck Eisner is directing the movie. That movie is shooting in early Spring."

The producers weren't done, because they had a few more interesting tidbits to reveal about this new Friday the 13th. They stated that the movie will shoot primarily in Georgia and that the movie will be a "hard R," which means Jason can get super violent. Also, the movie won't be in 3D or IMAX when it is released, which should help to keep it a little less gimmicky. They are also trying very hard to make this movie stand on its own and not get bogged down with the history of the other movies in the franchise.

"There's been a lot of mileage between the 1st one and the 13th one. What we don't want to do is alienate the audience who hasn't seen the preceding 12 Friday the 13th movies. Aaron Guzikowski's job, as challenging as it is, is to come up with a movie where if you haven't seen any go the other ones, you can still come and see this one and love it and not feel like you've missed out on anything. And if you have seen the other ones, we want this to feel fresh. That's what took the longest amount of time: coming up with a story and then executing a script that fulfills both those mandates."

Brad Fuller also revealed in an interview earlier this year that this project will showcase Jason's family, including his mother Pamela and his father Elias, who has been referenced previously in the franchise. In another recent interview with Vulture, the producers teased that they "will not let anyone down" when it's time for "Jason to do his business," with Andrew Fuller describing the action sequences as "unrelenting", going on to say this iconic killer will be very 'busy'. The producers wouldn't offer any further details in that interview, but they did say that the movie will feature an unseen origin for Jason.

At the moment, no cast for the new Friday the 13th has been announced, but with the movie gearing up for production in the spring, more of those details should be coming to light shortly. The movie is being directed by Breck Eisner with a script from Aaron Guzikowski. Friday the 13th has a prime October 13, 2017, release date, landing right before Halloween and releasing on an actual Friday the 13th.

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