Over the weekend, Ice Cube participated in a Reddit Q&A session with Kevin Hart to promote their upcoming comedy Ride Along, which hits theaters on January 17. During which, Ice Cube was asked about the status of the long-awaited sequel Friday 4. Not to disappoint anyone, but it doesn't seem like that project is moving forward anytime soon.

"The next Friday movie is caught up in development hell at New Line Cinema. Pray that we get it outta there."
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We first heard about the sequel back in November 2011, when Tommy Lister, who played Deebo in the 1995 original comedy Friday, revealed that he was talking with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker about reuniting for the sequel. Ice Cube also spoke about the follow-up in our exclusive interview for his TBS TV series Are We There Yet?, where he revealed that he hopes to bring back the entire original cast.

Later this year, Ice Cube reprises his role as Captain Dickson in the 21 Jump Street sequel 22 Jump Street. With Chris Tucker mounting a career comeback of his own, following his performance in last year's Best Picture nominee Silver Linings Playbook, there very well could be enough interest in making Friday 4 in the near future. No screenwriter or director is attached to the sequel at this time, but we'll keep you posted if there are any new developments.