It seems that the lights might be going out on one of NBC's programs. Entertainment Weekly's Ausiello Files is reporting that Friday Night Lights will end its run after its fifth season.

While NBC refuses to confirm the cancelation, even if the show is done after the fifth season, that still won't be for quite a while. The series has an unusual deal in that it airs first on DirecTV, who put up part of the production costs, and then the season airs on NBC afterwards. The fourth season just wrapped up last night on DirecTV and the season won't be airing on NBC until April 30. The fifth season will debut in the fall on DirecTV and will likely not even air on NBC until sometime in 2011.

Production on the fifth season wraps in June and the site reports that cast and crew members were told they were free to look for other work after the season wraps. CLICK HERE to read the full article.