Can't wait to get your Friday night Texas football fix? Well, good news! According to Variety, Friday Night Lights has been renewed for a second season on NBC. The network has also okayed four new hour-long dramas. They include The Bionic Woman, Chuck, Journeyman, and Life.

There had been much speculating as to whether Friday Night Lights was coming back. The order came in at the last minute. The show has gathered a lot of critical praise, but it had been lagging in the rating. It was NBC's Kevin Reilly who championed the show, despite its weak audience.

NBC Universal TV Studio and Imagine TV stand behind Friday Night Lights. Producer Peter Berg, who directed the movie the show is based on, stated, "We were confident but all experienced enough to know that anything can happen. It was never a sure thing."

Look for the show to air an hour later when it returns next fall on Tuesday nights.